Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Holiday post number 03

What did I omit from post number 2? I arrived at St Austell and wandered around, to discover that the bookshops closed at 4pm. Subsequently, as more people arrived, we discovered that all the food outlets had closed well before 8pm, with the exception of two pubs and two other places. One pub stopped taking food orders at 8pm, this being the one at which we arrived at 8:02. The barmaid directed us up the road to the other pub. "Are we too late for food?" I asked. "Food stops at nine", she said, and handed me a menu. At twenty to nine, Leon lost patience and asked when we could order. "In about forty minutes", she said. We left and went to the chip shop, where Leon, Grant and I were severely beaten up by two girls under ten. Ouch.
Heading up the hill back to the station we were greeted by the rest of the bunch, coming downhill. We directed them to the chip shop -- which had closed at nine.
Luckily the fried chicken place was able to feed the remainder.

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