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I've been a naughty boy.

The plan for yesterday involved popping up to Rutland to drop off some goodies, and then going to Luton for a committee meeting, and then go back home to fire up Chat and spend the evening grinning stupidly at the webcam. This was what I'd planned.

Instead, I slept in, and was awake too late to do Rutland first.
So I went to Luton for my meeting, had a glass of orange-juice-and-lemonade with the committee, and then headed north to Oakham.

When I arrived, there was Chilli and Conversation to be had. There was Rachel and Kate and Mel and a couple of others and a couple of kids. Rachel said that Max was asking if I could pop in on the way back ... and suddenly it was late.

I left and went briefly to Max's, where there was Diet Coke and more Conversation ... and suddenly it was even later.

And then there was fun and games at South Mimms, and so on ... and I got in at home at 4am. 11pm where scarlatti is. And I was too late for chat and too late for camera night and ... and it was all wrong. We couldn't do what we'd planned for the night, and it was my fault.

And then this morning I felt bad about it, and then when scarlatti came online I apologised continuously for about an hour, and then ...

And then I felt better.

But I'm still sorry I left scarlatti high and dry. I think I said ...

And don't let any of my hosts or hostesses from yesterday take the blame either. It was all me. Big thanks to Mel and the gang, and to Max and Tobes, for letting me wibble at them. It was sort-of necessary, even if I should have been on-line at home.

scarlatti often says she feels cut off, out of the loop, not in touch with what's going on. I know this is an issue for her, and I ignored it. It's my bad, I should at a minimum have kept better contact.

I'll do better next time, scarlatti, I promise.

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