Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

"Marriage is an honourable estate ..."

scarlatti says:
From the U.K. Home Office Immigration & Nationality Directorate website:
How does my unmarried partner qualify [to come to the United Kingdom]?
You must both be able to show that:
- you have both been living together as if you are married for at least two years

Just imagine what the divorce rate would be if people generally took the home office view that marriage is like living together for two years.
I don't have to imagine it, I've seen it.

I'm not getting married to keep the immigration service happy. (And scarlatti hasn't -- wouldn't -- ask me to)

But I'm faced with telling the Home Office that living with someone for two years is behaving as if we're married.
It's not.

I'm not cross with scarlatti, despite how it seems.
I'm only a little bit cross with the people who commented on her thread implying that they thought marriage was just a small step beyond a change of continent, a trivial thing. Perhaps their experience differs from mine.

But I am cross with the Home Office, who force people into thinking that living together is like being married. Someone in the Immigration & Nationality Directorate has missed the point.

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