Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Last weekend ...

Last weekend I went to Mother's.
I finished at my customer in Slough at about half past three, and was on the M4 motorway very shortly after that. There were delays near Bristol and around Taunton, but I got to her house at about half past eight.
There was dinner. There was lots and lots of chat, most of it about scarlatti and me. And then there was bed.

On Saturday, Mother and I got up early and drove to Lynmouth harbour and subsequently to the County Gate, where the A39 crosses the border into Somerset. We walked the coast path from there back down to Lynmouth harbour, the coast path clinging to the edges of the hills with diversions round those places where it's fallen in. My knees were suffering by the end of the day.
Saturday was my birthday, and so that evening my mother, my brother and his girlfriend took me out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Westward Ho! -- very nice.

On Sunday, Mother was planned to preach at one of the churches in the circuit, so we bundled into her car and drove off to Alwington. But when we arrived, we learnt that they were expecting a different preacher altogether -- and when we looked at the plan, we discovered that she was due at Alverdiscott instead. So we got back into the car and did the 25-minute drive across-country in about 18 minutes, arriving at the church with about two minutes to spare. Cue a slightly flustered preacher.
And then I came home ... With massive delays on the M5 I abandoned it in favour of the A303, but that was very slow, so the drive home took almost six hours instead of the usual four. And so to bed.

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