Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

TCASU, shaving, and Ansible

From Ansible 195, October 2003:
Tony Cullen wishes to spare the world aesthetic outrage. Liam Proven is to shave his head for charity at `They Came and Shaved Us'; Tony's response was, `Horrified, I declared that I would run a counter-fund to raise money to stop Mr Proven from committing any such act.' Pledge your cash the Save Liam's Locks campaign: tc @ Proceeds to charity, split between the British Epilepsy Foundation and the young people's hospice Douglas House. Meanwhile Doug Spencer is shedding his hair for Cancer Research, and so is Max, who says of her rivals: `they're blokes and blokes with shaven heads don't get a second glance, do they? So you'd much rather give your money to my charitable fund, wouldn't you?' Ansible will pass on any pledges.

(Ansible is the de-facto semi-pro-zine of record in the SF Fandom community, and has won many awards including multiple Hugos -- it is produced by Dave Langford, frequent winner of the Hugo for best fan writer)

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