Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Holiday post number 06

"In the steps of the master ..."
Immediately after this weekend, I'll be driving from St Austell to just the other side of Glasgow.
Kevin Davies tells me the following ...
"You're going to Scotland? That's the exact same trip that Douglas Adams did twenty-two years less one week ago. When they finished location-shooting here, he took a flight up to Glasgow for HitcherCon I, the very first Hitchhikers convention."

I ought to explain who Kevin is. He's our anorak-instructor for the weekend. For the purposes of this post, and this weekend, his chief claim to fame was that he worked for the company who did the computer animations for the "book" sections of the television series. He's since moved on and does things like documentaries on the making of old 70's British TV SF. He tells me that he's currently working on a four-volume DVD "The making of Blake's 7" (blatant free plug) to celebrate the 25th anniversary in January 2003.

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