Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Last weekend, hddod spent all day and all night working to create MH90, the quarterly magazine of ZZ9, so she could get it to Peter the printer from Printique for Monday morning, so that he could get it printed and collated for Saturday morning.
At Friday lunchtime PPP called hddod up to say "I can't read those files", and she spent the next four hours sorting him out. He then worked late printing and collating them so that they would be ready on time.
Late Saturday morning (yesterday) I picked them up, 560 copies, and took them to hddod's house to be stuffed and posted.
They were awful. The font was wrong, the text-flow was wrong, there were huge empty four-inch gaps at the end of the galleries ...
We phoned PPP, but there was no answer. We labelled and stamped. We stuffed renewal forms and welcome letters and membership cards and badges and a single-sheet emergency stop-press newsletter which we really wanted to be mailed promptly, and then we phoned PPP and talked.
hddod wil run off a camera-ready copy and give it to PPP on monday -- we'll see if he can muck that up. And we're stuffing again next saturday.

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