Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Rachel's birthday

Today is daemongirl's birthday and her party was last night.

As planned we gathered at the White Lion Inn so that we could walk in unexpected as a group. I squeezed into the back of freddietrumper's car with hawkida and tobesv, and a rather well-built young lady I didn't recognise smiled at me from the front seat. She later introduced herself as nardobd, someone with whom scarlatti has held long chat sessions about me and who is also the fabled mother of coxtrill. I'm very pleased to have met her at last.

We processed into the party, and undertook general party-type stuff, drinking, talking, eating. People came, people went, many of whom I'd previously only read about. It was good.

daemongirl left about ten to midnight, and at midnight I texted her a happy birthday. Bare seconds later, I received a text from lproven -- "tell them I'm on my way but - predictably - late" -- and he'd arrived himself shortly after ten.

The night descended into drinking and talk. I woke up in my chair at about three to discover lproven and tovesv still talking, and I went to bed.

This morning I discovered how Pixie got her name.

Big thanks to whotheheckami and the_mendicant for sorting it all out.

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