Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Holiday post number 07

This morning, we went to the tunnel at Par.
This is the tunnel where the scene of Arthur and Slartibartfast in the aircar travelling through the tunnel was filmed ("this may disturb you: it scares the willies out of me") and where Ford, Zaphod and Trillian did the scenes with the peril-sensitive sunglasses and the symbols ("what are these strange symbols?" -- "they must be strange symbols of some kind").
We parked minibus and three cars at one end of the tunnel and walked through. We sent Liam back through the tunnel on Adam's bike to collect the minibus.
We went to the pub for lunch -- ask Simo about the cutlery.
We went to the beach where Marvin danced, where Ford and Arthur launced and beached their raft, and where DNA walked naked into the sea.
Try and guess which of these scenes Simo re-enacted.
Poppy won the wet-T-shirt competition and Sharon (Mrs JonJo) came second.
Then we left. I'm driving to Scotland (I may have said) and most of the rest went to the station to catch a train.
Good weeked. Good company. Good centre. We'll be back.

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