Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

AKIOLJ: SQL ODBC error, please help.

My application won't talk to my data.

The server is running MS SQL server 2000.
It's using mixed authentication.
It is running mixed authentication, I know, I checked.

The workstation is running Windows 2000, SP4, fully patched, and Office 2000, SP3, fully patched. It's a new, clean, fresh install with no crap on it.

There's an access front-end to the SQL data.
We know that the ODBC connector is working properly. It uses SQL authentication with a name and password we supply. And it works.

But when we try and use the thing within our Access application, it gives us an error message:

SQL Server Error: 18452
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]
Login failed for user '(nul)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

User '(nul)' is the problem, I think. It's supposed to know that the user is 'user_commercial'.

None of the other machines here fall over in this way.

If it was a router, or a firewall, or a mail server, I'd have some chance. But not with SQL or Access -- it's just not my fandom, and I need help.

EDIT: Apparently it's fine when it's being run by a domain user, but not by a local user. This is a shame, because it's being transferred to a site where there are no domains. There's a very similar application which doesn't show the same symptom -- so we now suspect some sloppy coding which makes assumptions about whether the user is already authenticated.

EDIT 2: It transpires that the linked tables in Access may or may not be remembering the password for the SQL user concerned. In the application which works, all the tables remember their passwords -- in the application which doesn't, they don't, and the existing machines still work because they're all domain users. So we have a fix -- all we have to do is to re-link all those tables to the SQL back-end and make sure that the "remember password" ticky-box is ticked when we do so. Give me a router or a firewall any day.

Guesses now no longer solicited -- thank you all very much.

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