Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Computer support -- it never ends.

All day long, I play with computers.

Then I go home.

Stepson: My computer's broken.
DougS: What's wrong?
Stepson: It's full.
DougS: Let me look. ... Oh.
Stepson: What?
DougS: 42 Mb free on C:
Stepson: Is that bad?
DougS: What's all this?
Stepson: All what?
DougS: You have four gig of MP3s here.
Stepson: So?
DougS: Hang on ... there. I've given you some space on the server.
Stepson: What?
DougS: You have a new drive letter. Move them all up there.
Stepson: Do I tell Kazaa ...
DougS: Click here, and here, and pull that list down ... there, and there.
Stepson: Thank you. Will I run out of space again?
DougS: Look at that. What does it say there?
Stepson: Ummm ... 97 Gb free.
DougS: You won't run out for a while.
Stepson: Thanks.

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