Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

hawkida's birthday.

It's only when you dig out your camera for the following weekend that you realise that the photos for the previous weekend aren't up yet.

One day I'll find out about image-maps and clicking on a contact sheet. Until then, click on one of the numbers below. photos around 40-60 Kb each.

1: freddietrumper, kryten_rd_uk, soonerbabe, gamemaker
2: freddietrumper, hawkida, tobesv
3: major_clanger, L-H fishlifter
4: major_clanger, L-H fishlifter, H-H fishlifter, bugshaw, dougs
5: freddietrumper (edit:sideways, sorry)
6: mstevens

If anyone appearing in the photos wants a larger original (1600x1200, 350Kb) then please comment.

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