Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

flick's housewarming -- narrative.

A while ago, flick moved to share a house with doja35, and last night was the housewarming party.

The theme for the party was "Gay", a theme chosen by flick arising out a very brief glance at doja35 when she'd run out of ideas. There were to be prizes for the best interpretations of the theme. A challenge, I'm sure you'll agree -- a challenge to which I intended to rise.

A problem -- I have absolutely no experience of, no exposure to, the gay subculture I didn't have anything to wear.

Well, that's not strictly speaking true. I had boots, and jeans. I picked up a tight white T-shirt and a handkerchief in the appropriate colour without too much difficulty. All I needed was a leather peaked cap and a short leather jacket. But when I looked around they were going to cost about £60-£80 and £230 respectively. That's a lot for a one-off visual gag.

I turned up without a hat, without a jacket. But I was wearing the boots, and the jeans, and the tight white T-shirt. And I had the handkerchief. And I poured out my tale of leatherwear-related woe to doja35, and he said brightly "You can borrow my jacket, if you like." So I did.

People arrived. Several people. I could make a list, but then I'd miss someone out, and I don't want to do that. There was partying. There were drinks. There were crisps and nuts. There was pizza, and chilli, and things on sticks. There was a skinny tart, dressed as a fop and saying "dear boy" a lot. There was some alcoholic jelly. Really quite a lot of alcoholic jelly.

One or two people came dressed in interpretation of the theme. Our host and hostess retired upstairs to consider who the winner should be. They came downstairs and announced the best female outfit -- zoo_music_girl had turned up as a Dark Fairy, with wings she'd made herself and so on. But our judges were undecided about the best male -- and they were seeking bribes.

Bribes, yes. I don't recall what the other offers were, but drplokta said he'd give flick his purple feather boa, and I offered to do the washing up.

They must really hate the washing up.

I now realise that I left my prize (a "dream wand", a little pink heart with streamers on the end of a stick) at their house. Perhaps flick will bring it to TCASU.

People started leaving. Our hostess gave up and went to bed sometime shortly before 1am. Others left. Eventually those remaining -- doja35, lproven, d_floorlandmine, squiddity and myself -- retired to sleep, at something like half past two.

And at eight this morning, I rose and made good on my bribe.

Good party. I'm looking forward to the next one.

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