Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Fun with a laptop yesterday

John from Client B phoned me while I was in Ireland, I think it was on Thursday.

You're coming to see us on Tuesday, yes?
  Yes, I am.
Can you set up a new laptop on our network while you're here?
  Sure, no problem.
What sort of spec does this laptop need to be?
  Well, anything currently new on sale will be fine, so long as it has a network card .
Oh good.
  Oh, and it will need Windows XP Professional pre-installed. Windows XP Home won't work on the office network.
Windows XP Professional, right.
  See you Tuesday, then?
Yes, great.

So yesterday, I went out there to actually do the job.
The laptop had XP Home on it, and he'd separately bought an upgrade to XP Professional.
I cleaned the disk and installed the new OS.
And XP hadn't recognised the network card. Or the modem. Or the built-in compact-flash-card reader, SD card reader, memory-stick reader, PCMCIA controller, external USB floppy ... only the DVD drive.
And then I realised that the laptop had no driver CD with it.
I downloaded the network card driver and copied it onto the laptop thought ...
How am I supposed to get any drivers onto this machine?
The only CD-writer in the building was on this new machine.
And I can't quiz John about it, because he's taken the week off, as indeed has his boss.

In the end we found a USB zip-drive in a cupboard somewhere. But what fun we had before that came to hand!

EDIT: I did have a USB key-fob disk-type thing ... but it hasn't made its way back into my bag. I think that it may still be in adelheid's posession.

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