September 14th, 2002


Holiday post number 02

The centre is indeed on-line, with the effect that lproven can now stand behind me and say, disapprovingly, "Ahhh, you're live-journalling".
There are now fourteen of us here. A cluster of people round the computer and Rob Newman over in the corner saying "my first convention didn't even have a website".

Holiday post number 03

What did I omit from post number 2? I arrived at St Austell and wandered around, to discover that the bookshops closed at 4pm. Subsequently, as more people arrived, we discovered that all the food outlets had closed well before 8pm, with the exception of two pubs and two other places. One pub stopped taking food orders at 8pm, this being the one at which we arrived at 8:02. The barmaid directed us up the road to the other pub. "Are we too late for food?" I asked. "Food stops at nine", she said, and handed me a menu. At twenty to nine, Leon lost patience and asked when we could order. "In about forty minutes", she said. We left and went to the chip shop, where Leon, Grant and I were severely beaten up by two girls under ten. Ouch.
Heading up the hill back to the station we were greeted by the rest of the bunch, coming downhill. We directed them to the chip shop -- which had closed at nine.
Luckily the fried chicken place was able to feed the remainder.

Holiday post number 04

We stopped at a supermarket on the way back, the only off-license having shut long since.
We stocked up with bottled beer, came back to the centre and drank and talked till 4am.
This morning Robert Newman ran up and down the corridor, shouting "Breakfast at half eight, ten minutes". Bastard.
Off out now, more news later.

Holiday post number 05

I own a nightshirt, which I wore last night. It bears a quotation from Oscar Wilde: "Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast". Well, last night bedtime was at 4am: this morning at half-eight, Robert and I were the only brilliant ones here. Is this a bad sign?

Today we went to the quarry used for the location shoot as Ancient Magrathea in the HHGTTG.
Absolutely brilliant. Included JonJo taking a photo of Simo with the Heart-Of-Gold not in the background, for the "ground-breaking web campaign" which is going on for some owd book or other.

We followed this with a trip to the Eden Project, also very good.

Flick asks two questions in a response to an earlier post:
- Yes, we are having fun.
- There are fifteen of us:
Mr and Mrs Simo, Mr and Mrs JonJo, Mr and Mrs Kevin Kevin Davies and his son Liam (not Proven), the other Liam (lproven), Robert Newman, Leon McCavity, Jerry Thomas, Poppy, Erika, Grant Cribb, Alan (Zaphod) and Myself.

Holiday post number 06

"In the steps of the master ..."
Immediately after this weekend, I'll be driving from St Austell to just the other side of Glasgow.
Kevin Davies tells me the following ...
"You're going to Scotland? That's the exact same trip that Douglas Adams did twenty-two years less one week ago. When they finished location-shooting here, he took a flight up to Glasgow for HitcherCon I, the very first Hitchhikers convention."

I ought to explain who Kevin is. He's our anorak-instructor for the weekend. For the purposes of this post, and this weekend, his chief claim to fame was that he worked for the company who did the computer animations for the "book" sections of the television series. He's since moved on and does things like documentaries on the making of old 70's British TV SF. He tells me that he's currently working on a four-volume DVD "The making of Blake's 7" (blatant free plug) to celebrate the 25th anniversary in January 2003.