September 16th, 2002


Holiday post number 09

M5, M6, A74/M74, M73, M8, A82. Easy and quick, got here in record time.
However, now connecting at 9600 again.

Many of you reading this will have read what I wrote here on the 5th of September.
This is very odd, driving along roads which I've only ever driven along before whilst married, with Anne in the car too.
Anne was extravagantly Scottish, when in Scotland at least. Now for the first time I feel like an Englishman in a foreign country without a native guide.
Oh, I know all the roads, all the views and so on. It's just that Anne is no longer in the navigator's seat, she's in a jar in the boot waiting to be scattered when we get her home.
A year past, and I still have Anne the Headspace Top looking after me. I hadn't anticipated this, I thought I'd be on holiday. Maybe I'll talk about it to Mum over dinner tonight. (Not the "Top" bit, just the "it's odd" bit.)

Like Homer Simpson would say: "Mmmmm, cathartic".
I feel like using the "Dark" userpic, but I won't. It's a holiday post -- it gets the "SouthPark" userpic.

Holiday post number 10

> Maybe I'll talk about it to Mum over dinner tonight.
Conversation over dinner with Mum and her boyfriend centred around their ailments, ailments consistent with being a couple aged 65 and 70.
She's got a dodgy shoulder: "Can you pour the water? I can't lift the jug."
He has a failing memory: "Where are the loos?" "Same place as last night, dear."
We are all three of us deaf: "What was that?" "What was what?" "Pardon?" "Eh?" "I asked where the loos are." "What?" "Half past nine."

I wanted to talk about something else, but I did my usual trick: "How are you?" "Fine." Doh!

Bedtime. More tomorrow.