October 4th, 2002


Last night in the pub

I really shouldn't be let out when I'm cross, the line between pissed off and pissed is too narrow.
I was accosted by the delightful cardboard_dawn's real-life equivalent when I arrived and very soon felt rather better.
I met the half-legendary green_amber.
And there was a long conversation about which cardboard was which, but I really don't remember the details.
But I know who cardboard_dawn is, and after the way I was greeted on my arrival last night I'm not likely to forget in a hurry.
Perhaps I ought to watch the program occasionally, but I never do. When my mother called her pet cat "Buffy" my brother had to explain to me just why this was so amusing.
I discovered really quite late in the evening that the pub had no beer, because I'd decided before I arrived that it was going to be a shorts night and so I didn't miss it. It must have been difficult for many of you, and you have my sympathies.
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