November 3rd, 2002


Novacon report, part five

Fanzine has been LOCced.

The first loc was from a fellow slash author: the second was from Ted White.
No offence to Iolanthe -- very nice LOC, thanks, but ...
I have a Letter Of Comment from Ted White! Have I arrived, or what?

Things to do:
1. Write "PDF FAQ" for, Trufen and MemoryHole.
2. Get T-Shirt made saying "I got a LOC from Ted White"
3. Stand around in the convention bar wearing it and looking smug.

Oh, and there was a fire alarm in the con hotel last night at 1:45am, but someone else will probably write about that so I won't bother.
Just picture an extremely cross fireman, very sheepish DJ and a dry ice machine, surrounded by 200 people stood half-naked and shivering in the hotel carpark, and you'll get the idea.

Novacon report, part six

Well, it's over, although I'm still at the con hotel.
Despite having booked so late that I got the room at the internet discount rather than the [better] convention discount, I have still spent more at the various auctions (book, art and fanfund) than I have for the room. Ouch, broke again.
Today I started by stewarding in the dealers room: telling people that they can't come in without a badge (number of incidents:0), that they can't bring drinks in (number of incidents:0), or stopping the punters and the dealers insulting each other (number of incidents:1, thanks jamesb).
This was followed by the art auction, which left me £51 poorer.
Kevin Warwick's talk was next. I like Kevin, but he is strange. Someone tried to persuade me that he's boring: I disagreed, claiming that he's interesting but dull. green_amber writes about worlds colliding at conventions. Kevin was an occasional speaker at meetings of the BCS in Berkshire, where Anne and I were both involved and for which Anne was secretary for a year or two.
Aaaah, the awards ceremony. Other people can write this up: I'll bet that hawkida has some photographs, and we had jamesb in a suit (not pressed, though: perhaps tobesv or molesworth know why) presenting the James White award.
Finally, there was the international beer tasting and Celtic cuisine. Uuuuurp. Goodnight.