November 13th, 2002


Welcome new LJ users

Announcing two new LJ users created using codes of mine.

fattyc is a fat guy with a beard who likes books and classical music and routes IP for a living.
I can't imagine why we're friends -- we have nothing in common.

coxtrill is a science fiction fan active in ZZ9, an accountant from Southampton.
She was at the Cornwall con and at Dangercon.

Say hello to these people and make them welcome.
Coxy in particular says she doesn't know anyone's usernames and would be pleased to hear from people.

It's not me, it's everybody else.


Two of my friends are going to lose their jobs real soon.
At least three of my friends can't find one in the first place.
Someone I don't know but who is good friend to several good friends of mine has bad news from the doctors.
Two of my friends have parent trouble, two of them have partner trouble.
Two of the people at Church have died this week, so two families are doing now what I was doing last year.

And this is just stuff I know about.

Shit happens. It happens to people I love.

I was going to complain about overwork. I don't think I'll bother.
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