November 21st, 2002


Fannish Flu

Everybody else has had it so now it's my turn.
Sore throat, sore muscles, sore head.
Unable to think straight, unable to hear properly.
So I'm at home bringing my timesheets and expenses up to date and generally feeling poorly.
At 1pm I popped round the corner to Church and my mate Duncan McLaren's funeral.
For anniversary fans, this man has style -- he was born on Christmas day 25/12/1927 and died on Armistice day 11/11/2002.
I'm sure it was a good funeral, but I couldn't hear and I couldn't sing. I came home again.

Did I say I was hard of thinking? I've just tried to log in to LJ using a root password from a Samba server I had shut down about two years ago.
And my colleague keeps phoning me from a customer site asking me involved questions about Exchange and X.400 and samba and winbind and pam and ... and I want to crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after me.
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Purely hypothetical question.

Suppose I was off work sick for a day.
Suppose I found myself watching Celebrity Big Brother on E4.
Suppose I realised I was in lust with Anne Diamond.
Should I admit the fact in my live journal?

Poll #77411 Anne Diamond

Should I admit my lust for Anne Diamond?

Let it all out, honey, we won't think any less of you.
If you must, but hide it behind an <lj-cut> tag.
You should keep it to yourself.
I really don't care: I have no idea who you are.
I really don't care: I have no idea who Anne Diamond is.
I know who you both are, but I don't care anyway.
Leave her alone, she's mine.
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