November 23rd, 2002



Leaving home now to go to the ZZ9 AGM.
Knackered and with a sore throat and a sore head, but I'm going anyway.
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I can move! it's a miracle!

For some reason the train was packed solid full of big beefy blokes in white shirts. They each had a rose on their left breast. One or two of them were wearing green and gold instead.
When the train stopped at Twickenham, they all got off.

Is there a game on?


The club's A G M
coincides with a bad cold.
I'll go anyway.

Ballots come and go,
results immaterial
till they vote for me.

A pub quiz ensues.
Alan, Nolly, Tony, me.
You call that a team?

Nolly points fingers.
"Don't you dare turn this into
a bloody haiku".

We fail to win. Are we shocked?
Are we buffalo.

I buy two T-shirts.
"Don't Panic!", they both proclaim.
One black, one purple.

And then, as I wilt,
I leave, and head home once more.
Thank you and goodnight.