December 29th, 2002


The Cat Name Wars

My mother's cat is called Buffy. This caused immense amusement amongst some of us when she announced the name: she didn't recognise the television reference, and claims that the name was suggested by my mischevious and irreverent brother Richard.

From ursinehenry I now learn that daemongirl's cat is called Binky. She claims that it's all whotheheckami's fault.

ang_grrr has patsycat and brisingamen has therealsnufkin.

Anyone else?

Colds, Flu, you name it.

Lots of people on my LJ friends list seem to have colds.
But I don't. Odd that, because colds seem to like me normally.

I don't feel left out, not at all. I'm quite happy doing without colds.
Get well soon, everybody.
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