January 1st, 2003


TV Alert: Tolkein on Channel 4 this afternoon

3:45 pm British time, on Channel 4: "Sir Gawain and the Green Night".

This was translated from middle English to modern English by a certain J R R Tolkein, a very good translation which preserves the verse structure with all of its meter, alliteration and verse.
Good story too.

Max's NYE party -- post 1 (poetry)

Posting this in both dougs and anonymousclaire.

the_maenad tells me that I'm good at parody, doing a rewrite of someone else's original poetry for comedic effect. I'm not convined.

Copious apologies to anyone I've offended, particularly Wag, in what follows. You know it's just in fun.
And if I've left anyone out, I'll apologise to them too.

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I've not used <lj user=> constructs in this post -- no doubt some of you will identify yourself in the comments section.