February 4th, 2003


Feeling much better now.

I'm okay again.
Went to see flick and drpete last night for a bit of therapy, something to do other than work, and which would take me out of the house and thinking about something else. As therapy, it worked very well. And we achieved a lot besides my sanity.
Thanks to them both.
And they both think my car is very nice too.

Douglas the incredibly unlikely food writer.

I think that I said before that the stepson has put himself on a diet.
Now when I made the crumble, he gave me a hard time: he likes crumble, but it's not consistent with his diet.
Now I have the choice: I could make something particularly healthy and low in fat, or I could make something to which he's allergic, something which won't tempt him.
So tonight, I have some salmon, lightly poached, with a bit of lemon juice. Mmmmm-mmmm.

Oh dear. Oh the irony.

Healthy food would have been ideal, apparently. Food he can't eat would have been great.
But somehow, when I manage to achieve both goals simultaneously, he thinks it's some kind of cruel joke on my part.

Never mind. I like it.

Should I get a different user icon for food-related posts?
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