February 12th, 2003



I'm in London, sat in front of my router.
He's in Milan, sat in front of his.

When all is going well, he has a nice calm, quiet voice.
When he gets angry, he raises his voice a little.
As he gets angrier, he steadily turns the volume up.
When he's really, really angry he's shouting.

Now if you make him just a little bit angrier still, his voice goes all calm and quiet again.
That's what he's doing at the moment.

One of us is going to compose an email to BT. It's not going to be me.

Did I mention that today's customer is a legal practice?
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More poetry ...

I'm on a mailing list in another place, a list populated by SF fans.
One of the listizens suggested that if I won a large sum in a poetry competition I "would have to beat the ladies off with a large stick."

Well, I couldn't resist. I wrote a poem about it.

Four terms you need to understand before you read this, terms which may be unfamiliar to much of my readership:
- SeaCon is the name of a convention of fans which will occur during the weekend of Easter 2003.
- a FanEd is a fan who edits a publication written by and for fans.
- to SMOF is to organise fannish activity, very loosely speaking.
- a truff is a "true fan", a meaningless term which serves to group together fans which are, well, truffish.

Now the poem, with apologies to John Masefield: Collapse )
It's evident, in retrospect, that I've been thinking about Valentine's day quite a lot recently.
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