February 13th, 2003


The Third Degree

At tomorrow's meeting I'm back in the chair again, like I was for the whole of last year.
There's about twenty pages of text to get into my thick head before the meeting, and I'm only about half-way through it.
I wish I was better at learning stuff.

Tomorrow is a day off work, but it won't be particularly restfull.

Ah well, back to my book ...
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All about Eastercon

I've been talking about Eastercon to someone.

She just asked me ...
> Are you sure I would fit in OK ?
> What actually happens ?

I think she'll fit in, no bother, if she gets some run-away-and-hide space when she needs it. "What happens" is another matter. What should I tell her?

Experiences of Eastercons in the comments section please, tailored for a nervous would-be first-time convention-goer.