February 14th, 2003


The LiveJournal Valentine System

So I joined the site.
I filled in my nomination page, the why and why-not boxes, and submitted it: I got the "successfully submitted" page.

I was supposed to get an email saying I got x matches and y others nominated me.
Or an email saying I had no matches but I was still nominated.
Or an email thanking me for playing but without success.

I, like brisingamen, seem to have dropped through the net.

And I've seen posts elsewhere which demonstrate the system is at least mailing some people. Lots, apparently.

So what happened to mine?
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The LiveJournal Valentine System part two

There's a faq which says the following:

> I didn't get an email .. why?
> Either:
> Your email address bounced or was over quote, etc.
> Nobody matched you and nobody nominated you.
> You made no nominations of your own.
> Something went wrong .. sorry.

Well, I know that reasons 1 or 3 don't apply in my case.

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