February 27th, 2003


Hurry up and wait

At the client site in Paris, treading water as it were.

Troublesome-software version 6.5 is troublesome.
I have a copy of troublesome-software 7.01 and have installed troublesome-software 7.01 Host on the workstations.
However, I don't have the install-key for troublesome-software 7.01 Gateway, so I can't install it on the gateway machine.
I call my man in London, who has an install-key for troublesome-software 6.5 Gateway, which I have already. It won't work with troublesome-software 7.01.
I call my man in Copenhagen, who has an install-key and the CD for troublesome-software 7.5 Gateway.
7.5? Is that what we want? Apparently, yes it is. Troublesome-software 7.01 Host and troublesome-software 7.5 Gateway.
So he's going to copy the install files for 7.5 Gateway onto my server. Later. When he's finished downloading stuff from Novell.
Then I can install it and see if it's still troublesome.

So what can I do in the interim?
Go on, guess. It involves the letters "L" and "J".
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Still in Paris ...

Last time I was here, in mid-January, I ended up having to stay one more night than was originally planned.

Guess what's happened this time.

So we'll have Andy in Copenhagen, Blair in Stuttgart, Me in Paris and one of the client's own engineers in London sorting out Netware partitioning and replication. And I should have been coming home tonight.

I'm a router/firewall kind of guy. NDS partitioning and replication? You what?
Someone's got to do it.
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