March 2nd, 2003


I'm a good cook, apparently.

Sunday Lunch.

No honestly, it was very simple: a small chicken, roasted under strips of streaky bacon. Boiled carrots and spuds, gravy.
But the stepson said "That was the best sunday lunch ever." I asked him if he meant it and yes, he really did.

I said to him (like I do, occasionally) that he'd be doing lunch next Sunday.

"Yeah, right," he said, "you'd get beans on toast." No change there, then.
But then he said "You'll have to show me sometime how you do it".

So there is yet hope ...
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The stepson: mild-mannered and moderate.

The stepson works for Sky Sports. He's an assistant producer.

We have the cricket on the radio at the moment.
The Stepson shouts "Come on, England, get these pricks out. Smash them in the head if you need to."
I say to him "They never put you in front of a microphone, do they?"
"No," he says, "funny, that."
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Kenn and Jan Stinson, Anne and Me.

I just had an exchange of emails with Janine Stinson.
Her fanzine "Peregrine Nations 2.4" appeared this week at, together with "The Pub Crawl", a collection of fanzine reviews. She's reviewed fanzines from many of you lot.
She reviewed Convers[at]ions and said some good things about it, using words like "fascinating" and "sincerity" and saying things like "this one got me" and "I'm looking forward to reading more".

Kenn died as she was in the middle of pubbing her ish.

I didn't have anything to say, but I emailed her to say it anyway.
In April she'll be doing what I did in September.
I hope it works for her as well as it worked for me.
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Stop the war -- photos now up!

hddod is the sort of wonderful person who can Get Things Done.

You see, a fortnight ago a few of us (a million or so, I didn't count) went to London to express our views about the forthcoming hostilities planned for Iraq.
I took the camera with me, and did some photography. I thought "I'll do a page with these".

Only I didn't. But I did tell hddod where she could find a zip file with all the photos in it.
So she put her editor's hat on and Got Things Done in exactly the way that I don't.

The best photos are all cropped and zoomed and captioned and available on a page over on poppyfields.
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