March 17th, 2003


A collection of my poetry available for download.

I've put together a couple of pages of poems in a little PDF and called it "Spangled Course 1". The intention is that there will be a "Spangled Course 2" later.

It's been uploaded to eFanzines. If you print it double-sided on a single sheet it'll fold up nicely to fit in a pocket or handbag.

It includes quite a bit of stuff which has never been posted on the Internet before.

Now, the feedback. Go on, say what you want, it flays me.
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The joy of reading another's LJ

Here am I reading my friends list, and I find the following sentence:
> Suddenly realised that exampleusername, exampleusername and exampleusername will all be leaving in three months and I will be all on my ownsome. Well, not quite. But there will be no-one to talk to about slash/porn/necrophilia and I will be very sad.

Where else but on LiveJournal could you read stuff like that? It's sublime.
And on the very next line, she says "I refuse to agree that this journal is interesting." Extraordinary.
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What a bastard.

So on Friday night, I was up in London doing the IPM and Chaplain bit for the Freemasons and then going home to catch the tail-end of Comic Relief on the telly. I went to bed at about 2am. I didn't even notice that the stepson wasn't at home.

He tells me now that he was out on the town with Lisa Scott-Lee. Until about five in the morning. What a bastard.
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