April 4th, 2003


Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Last night, I went to the pub with London SF fandom. There was drinking and talking to be done.
Today, my cousin gets married. There will be drinking and talking to be done.
Tomorrow, I will be going to the pub for hddod's birthday. There will be drinking and talking to be done.

I can't help thinking that there's a pattern here, somewhere, but I haven't spotted it yet.
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Latest news on the Chat front ...

I'll be writing up some of the developments in these chat sessions of mine in "Convers[at]ions 2". It'll be ready in about a week, but it may not be uploaded until after Eastercon because Bill (who runs the site) will be over here in England for the con and probably off-line.

Paging ang_grrr -- I'm making the assumption that the piece we talked about will be ready for the October/November edition, rather than this one.
Please shout if this is not the case.
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