April 6th, 2003


Failed again ...

I came home from the pub early, pleading terminal knackeredness.
Foolishly, I fired up the laptop and started to work my way through my email backlog, following about 36 hours off-line.
Interrupted this process for a bit of IM -- only 19 minutes, some sort of record.
Continued to plough through the inbox.
Have now finished.

It won't help the knackeredness.
But I will have Scottish mid-16th century polyphony for breakfast tomorrow, thanks to a certain talented Wombat. Hurrah!
Was expecting one mass and got another, but it's still Carver and it's still totally delightful.
This makes me very happy.

Bed now.
And tomorrow: Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and the promise of an Agnus Dei later.
I must get back into singing.

*singing* "Credo in unum deum ..."
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