April 18th, 2003


Such Love and Sorrow

Every year, on this day, I wake up feeling sick.
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Now I must pull myself together and go to breakfast.

In other news, sass you that hoopy Archbishop of Canterbury? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is.

Eastercon, part 03

There is a small sun-lounge area immediately outside the hotel. marypcb is wearing a corset which is doing remarkable things to her already considerable anatomy.
Meanwhile, another con attendee is wandering round with an infeasibly large and chunky camera, one which is posessed of an infeasibly large and chunky flash gun.
sbisson produces a tiny, weedy-looking camera tripod. When folded, it is the size and weight of a medium-sized cigar.
This tripod is unfolded, and affixed to the base of this behemoth of photographic equipment. The whole assembly is stood up and placed on the table, in front of Mary and her corset.
Picture the scene: Mary and the corset, Simon's tripod.
At this point, bothdel_c and I both reach for our digital cameras.
See if you can guess which top-heavy object we photograph.