May 8th, 2003


Anne ...

Every time it bites, it hurts a bit less and I can smile a bit more.
I'm convinced this is a good thing.
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    "I trace the rainbow through the rain ..."

Ego massage at work.

Ben had a question about priorities amongst competing naming services (DNS and NBT). I described what was happening, how to persuade the workstation to do what he wanted it to do.

David had a question about GCC, perl, and makefiles. I showed him what was going on, what he needed to change and why.

Sid had a question about stale IP leases on a DHCP service in NT server. I talked him through finding the relevant records, helped him bring the system back into line.

Andrew had a question about pricing and product selection for Cisco PIX firewalls. Blair had a question about port-forwarding port 443 through the firewall to our iNotes server. Dan had a question about Domino installation on Debian. I think you can see a pattern emerging here.

A bit later, David came in and said "Douglas, you are amazing. Every time we ask you a question you seem to know what the answer is. It doesn't matter what I ask, you've done it before."

Just don't anyone ask me to do any documentation, any paperwork, any actual administration, OK?
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Phrase book.

I'm learning American English.
When she says "pitching a fit", she means "throwing a wobbly".

(and then she asked me if "throwing a wobbly" was a cricketing term)