May 28th, 2003


Filters, and membership thereof.

I don't make filtered posts very often. Come to that, I don't often make friends-locked posts at all. Collapse )
Please note that this post is public, and everyone can see your replies.
This has been a public service announcement -- now back to our usual programming.
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Project S, supplemental -- fattyc

I'm at a customer site. fattyc works here -- he's a firewall-building security monkey. I gave him a code last October -- he doesn't post in his journal, but he comments every now and then.
He said to me "Have you asked him yet?"
"Asked him?" I parroted. "Asked who?"
"What about?" I asked. It could have been anything.
"I've read your LiveJournal. I know all about you and scarlatti."
Cue my stupid smile. "Ah. The unpaid leave. I'm going to ask him when he gets back in the country."
"Rather you than me", he said.

Memo to self: catch Boss A on a good day.
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We have a problem.

I've been on chat with scarlatti.
I talked briefly about something I really enjoy doing, a conversation that was prompted by a recent post from someone else.
She didn't know what was involved, not in detail at least. I described it. In detail.

It seems that I've gone too far. I've seriously squicked her.
I thought I could tell her anything. Apparently I was wrong. Now she thinks I'm sick and weird.
But if we're going to have any long-term future, it's something she'll just have to accept about me.
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