June 1st, 2003


One Year On

Well, I signed up for LiveJournal in May 2002, made my first post in June 2002. That makes my LJ a year old about now.

I think that it's traditional, at this stage, to Collapse )

Oh, and GIP. This is me smiling. It was taken at New Year.
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Birthday wishes, and thanks, and good advice.

I phoned my mother this morning. It's her birthday, she's 66 today.
We had quite a chat. I told her how life is treating me -- see my recent posts, in particular the immediately preceding one, for details.

She's pleased. She's pleased that things are going well. She's pleased that things are coming together.
She's pleased that I'm looking at the future with a new pair of eyes.

She doesn't read this journal terribly often, but she does occasionally.
I nudge her by emailing her a link when there are things like photos here, for example.
So if she reads this, I want to thank her for her support -- both over the last couple of years and the last couple of months.

My mother's great. Happy birthday to her.

I've just seen a television advert for UEL. It said "Love your future".
Good advice.
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