June 25th, 2003


Overheard ...

I overheard this in the street this morning ...

Woman (to small child): "Look, we'll go to Toys-R-Us tomorrow, okay?"
Small child (to woman): "But I wanted to go to Waterstones!"

Ah, there is some hope.

Please tell me if I'm odd.

I've just had another chat session with scarlatti.

There was an intriguing insight into part of what makes me tick. It never struck me as odd, this facet of the way my mind works -- but she's never encountered it before. Now that I've had pointed out to me that this particular bit of cognitive infrastructure might be unusual, I want to find out just how unusual it is.
There's a theory that this specific thing is bizarre, strange, totally alien from the rest of the planet's population.
I want to test this theory. I want to describe here the phenomenon I described to her in chat, and solicit comments about whether or not it's odd.

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Is this strange? Am I odd? Honestly, I never realised.