June 27th, 2003


Two deaths.

Granny died today, about 4pm. She'd been ill for about three days. We think it was a stroke, finally.
This was my father's mother, an extremely colourful character, used to run a guest house in Margate. (edited but see comments)
She was the last person in my family of her generation. I'm one step closer to the top.

Cliff will probably die within the next week or so. He has a broken hip, a UT infection, knackered heart and lungs ... he's had enough, too, which makes more difference than all the rest combined.
He's an old friend. I've known him all my life -- he used to play cards with my mother's half of the family.

Both of these people are/were in their mid-nineties. Both have had full, happy, complete lives.
Neither will have any cause to complain.

Time to move on.
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And that's the two of them.

Late last night, I predicted this would happen: Cliff died earlier this morning.

The likelihood is that both funerals will take place when I'm in Devon.
I'd already decided that I wouldn't go to Granny's, because it would cramp my Father's style knowing that I was going to be there, and that's not fair to him. I was going to leave him a clear field.
I'll go to Cliff's. It's not too far, Bideford to Poole. Mother will want to go, so we'll go together. We'll get one day less walking, but who cares -- we can do one extra next year.