July 21st, 2003


Am I too geeky?

Oh dear, oh dear.

lproven and I both did The Home Network Purity Test.

The original thread is here.

He scored 387, I scored 648. So I thought "I'm more geeky than he is".

And then I realised that ...
  • 648 = 23 x 34

  • 387 = 32 x 43

  • ... my prime factors are an anagram of his prime factors.

    There is a suspicion that no-one else on LJ would have spotted this.
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    I could swallow a handfull of iron filings and puke a better booking system.

    The Internet is a wonderful thing. There are lots of sites through which to book transatlantic flights.

    In each case, either:
  • the site is down

  • the site is so slow that the transaction cookies time out before I get to the checkout

  • there are script errors

  • you can't choose which flight you want

  • it doesn't work for some other reason

  • The sole, shining, exception to this is the britishairways.com site. It's up, it's quick, it works, you can choose your flight ...

    They don't take switch cards.

    Stuff it. I'm going to swim there.
    No, I'll turn up at the LHR BA booking desk with a wad of cash. That won't excite any suspicion at all.
    Perhaps I'll try again later tonight.
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