August 1st, 2003


Slight change to Project S

I've been fairly busy recently, doing so much work I've not even been able to read LJ during the day.
Both Boss A and Boss B have been busy too -- all of us at the same client site.

After I'd logged off at the client's offices today, Boss A came up to talk to me.

You recall I had booked a fortnight's unpaid leave, the first two weeks in September?
Well, that's been changed. I don't have that unpaid leave any more.

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Another random bit of news.

This happened yesterday morning, but I only got round to writing about it just now.

Yesterday morning, I got on the train at Ascot, on my way towards London. As is the case reasonably often, there weren't any seats left, and so I stood in the little area just inside the door.

After about three minutes, one of the other passengers stood up and offered me her seat. She did it as if she thought I looked as though I needed it, in a "please give up this seat if an elderly or disabled person needs it" fashion.


I'm not proud. I sat down. I thanked her.

But ... but ... do I always look like that at seven in the morning?
Perhaps I look like that all the time?
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Do I worry?

I worry about her.
But I wish that she didn't worry about herself. I can worry plenty for both of us, and she could do with not doing any worrying at all.

*sends calming thoughts*

S: Listen to me. Eat properly. Plenty of fluids. And please, please, calm down.
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