September 8th, 2003


Good Arse!

scarlatti is amazed totally baffled.
She's puzzled, she doesn't understand.

She has no idea how all you British women manage to keep your hands off this arse of mine.
I said to her, perhaps they have different measures of quality? Perhaps they're interested in different things?

No, she's still mystified. She says you're all missing out.

In other news, am doing my best to work on these self-esteem issues of mine ...
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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This ...

Greg said to me "How're you doing?"
"Not brilliantly," I replied, "A bit of my old history just bit me."
"You want to talk about it?"
"Not really."

There was an uncomfortable silence.

And then he put the stereo on.
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A strange juxtaposition.
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