September 9th, 2003


It's another rather-less-than-obvious poll.

Poll #178144 Ideal Boyfriend

Please answer as if the poll was referring to your gender of choice. You have to choose. What are the features of your ideal boyfriend?

The single most enticing, squeezable butt you've ever laid your hands on, combined with a collection of crippling neuroses which prevent him forming relationships at all promptly.
A serene, well-balanced personality totally at ease with his past and no difficulty forming a relationship, combined with a completely uninspiring and dull butt which does nothing for you.

Profound things you say when you're not thinking, number 326

There were a number of these today. There was the whole reciting of the Story Of The Tool again. There was the thing about having walked away from one future, being cheated out of a second, and hoping to make a success of this third one. But most recently was the line I quoted from a song, before I rememebered what the title of the song was.
Dreams can come true, if you believe they do.

The full lyric is Collapse )
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Question concerning traditional American cuisine

"Western Cowboy Skirt Steak" ... would that be made with skirts from genuine Western Cowboys?

In other news, I seem to smell like Christmas cake. And taste like chocolate cake. It's been a good day, the two of us, and not in the house, hurrah!
And I've let loose -- and metabolised -- another bunch of angst and neurosis from my past. Better out than in. Apologies to anyone I unnerved in the process.
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