September 16th, 2003


Mortgage Update ...

"Halifax PLC acknowledges receipt of £70,933.80 credited to the CHAPS Holding Account. Thank you."

The solicitor for RBOS is calling me back when they have received the money, because at that stage they can instruct the agents to release the keys.
Big thanks to Mother for lending me some of the dosh -- without her I'd still be looking. When I get it back from the insurers, she gets repaid first.
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Yes ... and no.

Same filter ... just a little bit wider. Read previous entries to catch up.

I got the keys to the house at about 17:15, and went home to see what was what.

They'd turned the electricity, gas and water off, and completely drained the water system.

I've turned the electricity back on and brought all my servers, routers and firewalls back up. However, I can't turn the water on. It's turned off at the main under the pavement outside the house -- I bet they turned it off using a wrench with nice long handles, and I don't have anything to match it -- I can't shift it at all. And I'm not going to turn on the gas until the water system is full and bled and so on.
So that's a call to the water board for them to turn it on tomorrow -- and I'm in a hotel again tonight.

As it transpires, I'm in the same hotel as I was last night -- you'll have read me not-recommending it to Flick, just too late to stop her booking herself in. But I'm in a much nicer room than previously, and I've just had dinner with her, listening to her joys and frustrations as she's listened to mine. We've brought each other broadly speaking up to date with things.

I'll get straight soon, I'm sure.

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