October 17th, 2003


Have Lurgi

Last night I went to bed almost immediately upon getting home.
Today I shall mostly be operating on autopilot.

Fortunately I start the day with a router/firewall and a content-filtering web-proxy, both on Linux.

There is an outside chance that I might get through the whole day without having to touch a Microsoft database at all.

Grateful for small mercies.

Not so much with the Lurgi now.

I seem to have been getting gradually better as the day has progressed. The routers, filters and firewalls at client W are fine. Client C's database issue is now sorted out, because their Access guy made the necessary changes this morning when I was at client W. And my head doesn't hurt, my nose isn't running, and I'm looking forward to a very nice Friday evening on Chat and an interesting weekend.

hddod: I don't think this can have been your lurgi, because it's been and gone too quickly.