October 31st, 2003


GIP and poem

Enfolded in burgundy, Douglas asleep
Results in a photo that Susan will keep.
A crop and a zoom and an upload and post
Results in this userpic, poem and boast.

The way my mind wanders, I'm pleased to report,
Results in a typically prurient thought:
If all of my readers used webcams in bed
Results could be posted below in this thread.

Latest spam

Just had a junk email from jhazel@fundetective.com with a subject line "Remove hair anywhere".
They may have just missed their target audience.

Failed and failed again.

I told scarlatti I'd be going briefly to the pub tonight, that I wouldn't be late.

I was going to pop in, find one of the usual gang and entrust them with a CD of TCASU photos for Stef, and then get home and online for an evening's Chat.

I turned up at the Marlborough Head, which was full of mundanes dressed up for Hallowe'en. I fought my way round both bars, upstairs and down, and couldn't find a suitable guardian for this CD.


And now I discover I've made scarlatti cross into the bargain.

Failed again.


I put slash "yes minister" into google and was a little surprised when the second hit was ...

Well, see for yourself.

EDIT: And now we're writing Yes Minister/Father Ted crossover slash in Chat.

EDIT 2: And now we're slashing Ronald Reagan and Prince Philip. Shoot me now.