December 13th, 2003


ZZ9 day -- A slouch and the Big Read.

Today I shall mostly be being a ZZ9er.

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Today I shall mostly be being a ZZ9er.

<lj-cut text="because ...">This afternoon there is a ZZ9 gathering at the Science Museum in Kensington, West London, starting at noon. These events might normally be called Slouches -- this one has been billed as such -- but there is a view that this one should be called a Visit, since it lacks the anarchic, aimless and agenda-averse nature of a Slouch Proper. This slouch/visit will stumble to a close when the Science Museum closes at 6pm.

This evening ten lucky ZZ9ers have been invited by the BBC to the Live Final of the Big Read, the search for the nation's favourite book, which is being broadcast live from the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Amongst the ten, those known to have LJs are <lj user=redbrown>, <lj user= adelheid>, <lj user=cardboardnewman>, <lj user=hddod>, <lj user=dougs> and <lj user=stanrandom>.
We're not permitted the use of cameras, and we've been told that dress is "smart". Additionally, Robbie from the BBC phoned me and asked me to ensure that my little group behaved. "Get them to eat something first," he said, "so that they don't arrive on an empty stomach." Nevertheless it looks like being a good evening.</lj-cut>

<small><a href="http"//" target=ZZ9>ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha</a> is the official Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy appreciation society.</small>
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ZZ9 and the Big Read

Well done to the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, ably supported by the Tolkien society, for their victory.
It's no shame to be beaten into fourth place by His Dark Materials.

We've had a very good night. Thank you to everyone who voted for The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and thank you to the BBC for looking after us so well.

Boffo. A good one.