January 23rd, 2004


Ancient printer free to good home

I've finally retired my old printer.

It's an HP DeskJet 520, and it was manufactured in April 1994. It has a parallel interface (but no cable) and a 240V power supply with a UK plug on it.

It's not very good at picking the paper up out of the paper tray. In fact, you have to give the top sheet a little push with your fingers whenever you send something to print. It's black-and-white only. It's not terribly fast.

In short, it's not terribly good. But it works, sort of -- and it's free.

Does anyone want it? We'd have to think of a way of getting it from me to you without me spending any money.

Way TMI: Fetish meme

(unusual to see a friends-only post from me)

ninneviane linked to this fetish quiz.
It asks for way too much information, and provides way too much in return.

It came up with a couple of hundred words of description about me in addition to my scores. The narrative was about two-thirds accurate, I think the scores got it right about as often as they got it wrong.

Have a go. You might find it fun.

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