February 13th, 2004


Random acts of songwriting

That third stanza is a middle eight. Not a construct that I'm familiar with.

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Yes, it still needs work. Stupid song, the lyric ends and leaves you hanging. It needs a final instrumental verse and a fade-out, I think.
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Kale and nudity

Some people have taken to posting particularly amusing subject lines from their daily collection of spam.

One of my other addresses, not my main one, just got a bit of spam with a subject line of "collard labia comparative launch".

Now I haven't opened it, and I haven't read it, but I'm imagining a large pile of leafy vegetables, a number of naked women, and a project to catalogue the similarities and differences between the two.

Now I don't anticipate any difficulty obtaining suitable quantities of smooth-leaved kale. But if I'm going to get this whole exercise launched properly, I'm going to have to ask for some volunteers.

It might be better to wait for the warmer weather.

I won't be stuck for something to eat afterwards ...