March 8th, 2004


A phone call from scarlatti

Susan just phoned.

She's in reasonable spirits, but she's also in reasonable pain. She's very grateful to my friends over here for looking after me so well -- I told her Who had helped me cope at the weekend, and (in part, at least) how. I had the chance to talk to her stepfather, Dr C, who was able to describe the medical situation much more comprehensively than Greg had been able to do, but it seems that the picture I'd drawn by reading between the lines had been quite accurate. When Susan came back on the phone, we talked a deal more, and said all sorts of things to each other which needn't be recorded here. I feel a lot better for the phone call, even though there's hardly any new information about her condition.

We're expecting results of assorted biogeekery in the pathology department by Wednesday, at which point they'll be able to take a view about whether or not they can reasonably expect chemotherapy to achieve anything useful ... so I'm playing the waiting game once more.
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