March 23rd, 2004


In lieu of a proper update.

This is in lieu of a proper update. I am reminded that I haven't posted for four days, something sufficiently uncharacteristic that people wonder if they should be concerned.

I went to Mother's for the weekend, and was (mostly) offline. And then I've been busy, catching up on stuff I didn't do on Thursday and Friday. I'm distinctly short of Bounce at the moment, but that should return once scarlatti gets her Internet connection sorted out.

I'll write more about the above a little later, if I feel like it.

Meanwhile, Collapse )
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Phone call from scarlatti

scarlatti's broadband got configured today.

scarlatti just moved into an apartment which was marketed to her as "cable-ready".
So this afternoon, an engineer arrived, had a look round, took a few blanking-plates off a few wall-boxes, rubbed his chin reflectively, and then went again.

Apparently she has loads of telephone wires about the place (telephone land-line installation on Friday, allegedly), but no cable. And therefore no Internet -- for today, at least.

She tells me a bloke will be turning up with a bit of wire tomorrow.
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All about my home town.

If you like shoes, or discounted mops, then you'll love Bracknell Town Centre.

This is brilliant.

The SPH Index (shoes per head) in Bracknell is 5.2, higher even than Chernobyl.

Quite, quite superb.

Bracknell boasts the largest range of shops and services east of Reading and west of Slough.

Completely wonderful.

Bracknell is honoured to have been bestowed the title "Crime Capital of the South East".

Thanks to whotheheckami for the link.
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